Every individual is unique in their proportions, which is why we developed a range of back heights within the Orthopaedica range.  The wide back, Orthopaedica 100 range has a contoured back rest and seat pan and is available with various options, including a neck rest.


Delivery is within 7-14 working days or in specific colours as a quick ship version in 3-5 working days.  To see the quick ship version, click here.

Orthopaedica 90

Seat Slide
Lumbar Support
  • To find our more about this hand-picked chair, click here

  • In addition to the options above, the Orthopaedica comes with various other options including an 'Air Tec' seat cushion; coccyx cut out and an inflatable thoracic support.  It can also be ordered in wide variety of other colours and fabrics.  Contact us using the form or details on the bottom of the home page for more information.

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